Tuesday, January 1, 2013

A New Year - A New Painting!

Happy New Year! It's the time of year for new beginnings, new resolutions (or the old ones with renewed resolve), and fresh starts.

It's a great time to decide to paint more, draw more, doodle more, and enjoy more! Hobbies, like most things in life, require time that often times seem to be harder to find. BUT, watercolor painting and drawing does not take much time. Do a little at a time. You don't have to paint the whole painting or draw the entire picture at one time. Take 10 minutes at a time...draw in 10 minute segments until the picture is ready to paint. Paint one section at a time until the painting is complete. So what if it takes a month to finish a painting? You will have enjoyed every minute you devoted to your hobby and accomplished something that you might not have had the time to do in one setting.

Keep a sketch pad handy.....doodle while talking on the phone, watching TV, waiting for an appointment. You'll have the basis of a painting and you will have accomplished something in the time you would have left empty.

I started working on a watercolor painting today. I used a photo taken during a recent snow in the East Tennessee mountains. I love painting barns and this one surrounded by winter just needed to be painted. The sketch above is my barn...done is just a short segment of time. I'll paint it in the same way.....a section at a time!

What are you waiting for? Get started now....it only takes a little bit of time to start....and before you know it, all the little bits of time will add up to a finished painting!

Happy New Year and Happy Painting!

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