Sunday, January 6, 2013

Another Winter Day

Another winter the barn. After sketching the painting last blog, today I added sky and background mountains and trees. In keeping with the winter season, I have decided on snow and a wintery sky.

Different seasons of the year require different colors of paint to depict the sky for that particular season. I am using a limited palette for this painting. The colors I am using are:

Burnt Umber
Burnt Sienna
Payne's Gray

Winter skies are often dark and gray with a muted blue. I painted the sky with a light wash of Ultramarine - wet on wet wash. While the paint was still wet, I dropped in a mix of Burnt Umber and Ultramarine and deepened those areas with a little Payne's Gray. I also lifted some of the wet paint with a tissue to make a few snow clouds in the sky.

The background mountains and trees were painted after the sky was dry using deeper shades of the same colors and adding Burnt Sienna.

The mountains were painted as snow covered with only snow shadows added with a mix of Ultramarine and Burnt Umber.

Allow the painting to dry and on the next blog, we'll paint the barn.

Happy Painting!

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