Sunday, March 11, 2012

Getting Ready to Paint

Ready to paint......what do I use?

The painting was sketched last what? A palette, paints, and brushes are ready to be assembled.

There are several types of palettes one can use. My photo shows three of these: a covered plastic palette, paper disposable palettes, and a wooden palette. I prefer the covered palette. This type of palette allows me more time to paint without the paint drying and prevents wasting paint. This type of palette works well if times does not allow you to paint for several hours at a time. The disposable palette makes for an easy clean up and there is just something special to me about an "old fashioned" wooden palette. It is a matter of preference, so select the one that works best for you and your painting style. assortment of brush sizes are needed and are specific for acrylic or oil painting.

Painting tip
Never use watercolor brushes for any type of painting other than watercolor. The paint, cleanup method, and the canvas can harm your watercolor brushes.

I have included a photo of my acrylic paints. A simple beginner starter set should contain all the colors needed to mix a wide variety of colors. I have collected many different brands, colors, and size tubes over the course of my painting.

Now that we have talked about what is time we will start the painting. Until next week......

Happy Painting!

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