Sunday, March 18, 2012

Started to Paint!

I am working on my background, which is a reddish brown color mixed from the following paints:
Burnt Umber
Burnt Sienna
Yellow Ochre

The background will be covered with a lighter tan which will be applied to allow the darker color to show through. This will indicate a painted brick wall with the paint pealing in spots.

My poppies will be an orange-red and I don't want my background to detract from the poppies, but to compliment them. Hopefully, applying the tan paint will help the poppies to "pop" out of the background.

As I worked the paint in the background, I blended in lighter areas for contrast and darkened the area beneath the flowers for shading. This will not be obvious when I apply the top layer of tan over the bricks, but will be a subtle hint of background shading.

I used a flat brush to apply my paint using the edge of the brush to get into smaller areas around the flowers.

Now.....I need to let this application dry before I apply my top coat. Next week, I hope to finish the background and be ready to start on the poppies.

Until then, Happy Painting!


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Dad said...

Karen your web page is simply Great!! And your latest paintings are wonderful! (like all of them are!
Love Cousin Mary & Uncle Ray