Sunday, February 3, 2013

Low Maintenance - Background

The background, both sky and tree areas, were painted at one time. However, the birch trees on each side of the barn were masked out prior to applying the wash. Masking is used to preserve the white area of paper or to maintain a color that would be difficult to paint around.

Masking out can be done in two ways:
1. Use of masking fluid, or
2. Use of artist masking tape

I used a combination of both for these trees. The small trees were masked using masking fluid and the larger trees were masked using a combination of various widths of masking tape.

Once the masking was put in place, the paper in the background area to be painted was wet with clean water using a large flat brush and painting around the shape of the barn. I prepared a wash of the following colors to apply for my sky and background bushes/foliage:

-Windsor Blue
-Yellow Ochre
-Burnt Umber
-Sap Green

Feel free to vary the colors of the background bushes/foliage to match the season of the year of the landscape. My painting was set in early fall, so I used the above listed colors. However, the season could be easily changed to summer or spring by simply using different colors.

Apply a wash of the Windsor Blue first. I used a large round brush to drop in my paint and pulled the color all the way down to the horizon. The blue will become lighter as it reaches the horizon. While still wet, drop in the other colors near the horizon and tree line and allow the colors to blend into one another. I used a tissue to blot out clouds in my sky. Work quickly while the paint is still wet. When you are satisfied with the color combination and clouds, allow the background to dry.

Next blog, we will paint the rusty tin roof of the barn.

Happy Painting!

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