Sunday, February 17, 2013

Low Maintenance - Barn Siding

The next step to this painting is the sides of the barn - weathered wood! Seen up close, weathered boards on the barn are textured; however seen from a distance the wood is muted in color with few detail.

Work a section at a time so that the paint does not dry as colors are added. The colors need to blend together with areas of white paper showing through in some areas. I used the following colors:

-Burnt Umber
-Payne's Gray
-Yellow Ochre

1. Wet the section you plan to paint and drop in the above colors. Allow to dry.

2. Using a small flat brush with the hairs fanned out, dry brush in wood grain lines using a medium to dark wash of Burnt Umber ad Payne's Gray. This does not need to be detailed enough to show the wood grain in every board. Paint grain lines in only a few places, since detail is not seen from a distance.

3. Deepen the areas under the edge of the roof using the same colors in the siding - only darker.

4. Using Payne's Gray and a medium round brush, add the shadows created between the boards and in the cracks of the wood. Allow to dry.

5. After the side of the barn dries where the old wagon wheels are standing, paint the wagon wheels using a mix of Burnt Sienna and Ultramarine.

Next blog, we'll paint the foreground! Until then,

Happy Painting!

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