Sunday, February 24, 2013

Low Maintenance - Foreground: Brush and Grasses

Since this painting is set in early fall, the grasses are no longer green, but have turned yellow with some weeds and brush already dry and brown.

Prepare the following colors before you wet the paper:

Yellow Ochre
Burnt Sienna
Burnt Umber

Apply clean water to the area around and in front of the barn. While still wet using either a flat brush or a round brush paint in yellow ochre leaving some areas lighter than others. Drop in a mixture of burnt umber, burnt sienna, and sepia in the foreground and in other areas to indicate shadows and tall brush or dried grasses.

Use a light wash of burnt umber at the base of the barn and under the wagon wheels for shadows.

In the foreground, use the edge of a small piece of a credit card in the areas where you have dropped n the darker colors of burnt umber and sepia and pull up and out, drawing the paint into the crevices you created with the credit card. This must be done while the area is still wet. Refer to the photo above for placement.

Allow to dry and deepen any areas you feel may need additional shadows.

Next blog, we'll finish up with our background trees and a few finishing touches.

Happy Painting!

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