Sunday, February 10, 2013

Low Maintenance - Rusty Roof

Painting the roof is the next step in this painting - and one of my favorite parts. I enjoy creating the appearance of a rusty roof and watercolor paints are one of the best ways to paint rust.

Prepare the following colors on your pallet:
-Burnt Umber
-Burnt Sienna
-Payne's Gray

Wet the entire upper front section of the roof with clean water using a flat brush. While still wet, using a round brush, drop in the above colors, using a predominate amount of Burnt Sienna. However, don't completely cover the roof in this paint, allow areas to be lighter and darker. Drop in touches of the other colors listed above and allow the paints to mingle and blend as they dry. Refer to my painting above for reference.

Complete this same process on the lower section of roof. Allow to dry. Highlights can be scratched in using a utility knife when the painting is complete.

In the next blog, we will paint the weathered wood......another one of my favorite parts of this painting

Until next blog.....Happy Painting!


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